The 5 youth of the Sub 20 that are exhibited in Europe

Today, starting at 3:00 p.m., the Red Sub 20 will start a new challenge in Murcia: the team led by Patricio Ormazábal will make its debut against England in the Costa Cálida Supercup, a friendly contest where, in addition, they will face Australia and Morocco. It will be an important showcase for the new litter of national youth, especially for those who have more experience and are already being watched from abroad. Here, five names to consider.

Dario Osorio

He is the emblem player of the current Red Sub 20 and one of the footballers with the greatest projection in our country. So much so, that after the game against England he will travel quickly to Barcelona to rejoin the adult team. His great performance at the University of Chile has generated great interest from foreign teams, specifically from the Wolverhampton, a team that offered five million euros for his pass.

Edward Villanueva

The Colo Colo goalkeeper is one of the most advanced of his generation, considering that he is barely 17 years old. At his young age, he started in the friendlies against Peru, where he exhibited a great performance. His premature growth has even allowed him to be called up to the adult team: Martín Lasarte nominated him at the end of 2021 for a North American friendly tour, when the national cast faced El Salvador and Mexico.

Daniel Gutierrez

The white defender is one of those who exhibits greater experience in the First Division. Although Gustavo Quinteros has not given him too many chances, due to the undisputed ownership of Amor and Falcón, even so he has responded in the 226 minutes that he has added during this season. Ormazábal has even given him the responsibility of leading the rider in the Roja Sub 20. The center-back ends his relationship with Colo Colo at the end of this year, so if he performs well, this tour will allow him to benefit from some offers.

sebastien pineau

The Chilean-Peruvian striker has been in controversy, since he has not yet defined which team he will play for definitively. The attacker pointed out that after this tour he will deliver his answer. In any case, the bid for the 19-year-old has been intense, due to his high projection. He today plays in the Alianza Lima Reserves team, a team that was champion last weekend, precisely with a goal of his. At his age, the so-called “new Cavani” is at an optimal moment to start from the Lima team and, surely, he will be one of the most watched.

jordy thompson

The attacker only turned 18 on August 10. He is one of the jewels of the ‘Cacique’ and has been present in the last summons of the first team in the National Tournament. He will compete for a position in the Red Sub 20 with Pineau, Renato Huerta, Gabriel Norambuena, Paolo Guajardo and Esteban Calderón. It is likely that he will put several minutes into this friendly tour and therefore there will be a lot of interest in his performance.

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