“That skinny guy who threatened me”: Sergio Rojas revealed the warning he received from Félix Ureta

Me Late panelist Sergio Rojas caught the attention of the media after revealing due to his controversial comments against Raquel Argandoñathat Félix Ureta would have threatened him.

During the farandulero show on TV+, the animator of Que te lo digo reflected on the comments that the businessman would have written to the opinologist about his physical appearance and looks, assuring that he would have threatened them together with his partner on the program, Luis Sandoval.

“That very skinny guy who threatened me with Lucho, forgive me for telling him, friend. But he made him come with some friends of his, that I shouldn’t mess with him, that I shouldn’t talk about him, I don’t know what. Luckily Luis put on his pants and defended me”, said Rojas.

“I was very angry”

“Félix’s source told me that he was very angry with Sergio’s words and I finally sent him to tell him not to mess with Sergio because he was more dangerous than anyone who walks in San Bernardo,” added Luis Sandoval.

“I was very upset with the sayings that it is maintained, that here, that here,” said the panelist while Daniel Fuenzalida tried to explore in more detail. “But he told you like ‘where I find it’?” He pointed out while Rojas and Sandoval confirmed the event.

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