“That ridiculousness”: Mauricio Pinilla broke the silence after leaking the videos of his reel with the escort Natthy Chilena

Mauricio Pinilla drew the attention of both the media and social networks this Tuesday. This, because this Monday night the driver of Have a good weekend shared with the well-known escort Natthy Chilena in her apartment.

In the images, the young woman was seen sitting very close to the former soccer player while dancing to the rhythm of the music. “With rich mijito”, she wrote in one of her stories in which she clearly saw the face of TVN.

After causing a stir, The adult content creator raised her voice and assured that with the face of TVN they were just friends.

For the same reason, during the chapter of I beat this afternoon, the panel contacted the former soccer player to find out his version of what happened.

I beat
I beat

Pinilla then sent a clear response to Luis Sandoval, which was read live by the journalist.

“I am not going to refer to that ridiculousness, compadre, for more controversial weapons,” Mauricio replied to the communicator about the photos of the reel with the woman who starred a while ago a controversy with Luis Jara.

He also added that “it’s not bad vibes, but I prefer not to talk about my personal things, regardless of the subject.”

It was thus that Mauricio Pinilla wanted to settle the issue of his reel with the escort Natthy Chilena in his apartment. It is worth mentioning that the former soccer player has been linked to Gala Caldirola after the break with Gissella Gallardo a few months ago.

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