“Surprising news”: the international press reacts to the dismissal of Marcelo Ríos as coach of Juncheng Shang

The relationship between Marcelo Ríos and the Chinese tennis player Juncheng Shang has come to an end. This was reported by the former number one in the world to Sporting this Monday, alluding to the difficult relationship between the Chilean and the athlete’s father.

Under the technical direction of Ríos, Shang recorded ten wins, two losses, a challenger title, the final of another and a jump from 362nd to 195th place in the ATP ranking in the two months of work they were able to share..

Of course, this society that aimed for the best came to an end suddenly. According to Chino, it was due to the bad relationship with the tennis player’s father.

I think this was a father’s decision. It wasn’t Jerry’s decision.. Besides, the mom and dad hold each other all day and that hurts the asshole. I don’t know what the hell they’re going to talk about, but I know the mom was very happy.” he pointed.

This fact caught the attention of the international press that reflected this separation. Punto de Break wrote “surprising news that comes to us from the environment of the under-18 player with the best ATP ranking. Juncheng Shang, considered one of the great promises of the circuit, has fired Marcelo Ríos, with whom he climbed almost 200 positions in the ranking in just two months”.

Marcelo himself has spoken at length about the decision in an interview with La Tercera, stating that the decision may have been made by Shang’s father, whom he has criticized very harshly.”, they continued.

In turn, ESPN in its version of Argentina stated that “the relationship between Juncheng Shang and Marcelo Ríos came to an end. Despite the evolution of the Chinese tennis player, the link was severed and the Chilean ceased to be his coach”.

“In the meantime, the team added a Challenger title, another final and ten wins and two losses, to jump from 362nd to 195th in the world ranking in just two months of work,” they added.

For its part, the Portuguese medium Bola Amarela narrated that “the story was buzzing, especially because it seemed to be going well. Marcelo Ríos was the coach of Jerry Shang, a 17-year-old Chinese prodigy who is ranked 195th in the ATP rankings, having already won a title and another Challenger final in 2022. However, this relationship ended abruptly, something that left the former Chilean tennis player furious… with her parents”.

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