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A lots of streamers are paying the piper after the leak of FIFA 23 via Xbox. As is known, a few days ago it was made public that an Electronic Arts error allowed the game to be downloaded and played for free.

At this stage Electronic Arts has managed to repair the leak, but not the damage as much content has been revealed. In this way, EA’s intentions to maintain the game’s templates and statistics vanished. in secret until its release.

The point is that as a result of the well-known leak, a large number of players and streamers they had a party in your streamings playing FIFA 23 and wallowing in details. Well now, Electronic Arts is retaliating.

Streamers complain about the way the sanctions were applied

So, from one day to the next, the now surprised gamers and streamers have found their accounts suspended. Apparently the measure has been extended even to players who only shared a photo.

This decision to suspend accounts by Electronic Arts have two edges. The first is that the mistake was made by the studio and not by the users, that is, it is not a hack. The other thing is that they are punishing streamers with copyright charges, but everyone equally.

Users, and especially those affected, see it as unfair that the sanctions are not proportional to the content used. In fact, it is the same sanction for those who only posted a photo of them playing as for those who collaborated in filtering sensitive content from FIFA 23.

In the absence of a notice of such affectation to streamers and players Electronic Arts He has not sent any communication. There is only a brief note on social networks acknowledging that the game was available for a time on consoles Xbox One.

“Yesterday we inadvertently gave a small number of players access to a two-hour trial of the version Xbox One of FIFA 23 that shouldn’t be available yet.

As an old saying goes, ‘after an eye has been taken out, Santa Lucía is worthless’. So we will see how this novel ends that also affected the streamers, in which the one who made the mistake is the one who applies the punishment.

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