“Speckle” Gonzalez | He retired, studied in Barcelona and is now a DT in Toronto: “I love Chile, but for now I would not return”

In 2019, Pablo González (35) retired from professional football with a long career At national and international level. Catholic University, Ñublense, Cobreloa, La Roja, Ecuador, Mexico and Finland were some of the places where he played. After that, “Mota” left for Barcelona to take the coaching course. Today, he works as a coach at the Power Soccer academy in Toronto (Canada).

In dialogue with AS Chile, “Mota” González spoke about his new life (professional and personal) and his future projects. The former midfielder will be a father with his wife, whom he met during his stay in Spain, and, for now, he does not plan to move from North America.

– How did you come to work as a DT in Canada?

– First I was in the United States, in New York and Philadelphia, but the issue of getting the papers is very complicated. There they offered me to come to do a campus as a guest in Canada. Juan Jara, a Chilean who is the director of the academy, was the one who contacted me. There we got a good vibe and finally he invited me to work here. We discussed it with my wife and we decided to come.

– What is your job?

– We have an academy for children from 8 to 18 years old. I am the head coach and I am in charge of the Sub 13. I am also an assistant to the Sub 17 and Sub 18.

– How’s life in Toronto?

– I’m happy. Toronto is super nice, super safe. Education and health are very good. I am impressed by how the country works, everything is perfect. Just, in addition, we are going to be parents and this is the perfect country to form a family.

– You don’t plan to move from Canada, so…

– At the moment we project here. Our son is going to be born here and for at least a couple of years we will be in Toronto. Afterwards, obviously this career is the same as that of a footballer. One day you can be in Chile, the next in the United States and then in China.

– Didn’t you think of settling in Barcelona?

I tried, but it is very difficult. The issue of coaches there is saturated and salaries are bad. You had to fight her a lot to try to survive. In Canada, meanwhile, the soils are doing well. Life is expensive, but it is enough for you with the salary you receive.

– Is your idea to become a coach of a professional team?

– I want to become professional, but I think you have to go through stages and everything in life has a process. I already have two years as a coach and I want to have more experience so that when the time comes, I will be prepared.

– It’s been a little over three years since you left Chile and you’ve already been to Barcelona, ​​the United States and Canada. In addition, he met his wife in Spain and now they will be parents. How has all this life change been?

– Everything has been like a roller coaster of emotions, all very fast. We went from Barcelona to the United States and then to Canada. I haven’t been to Chile for three years. We went on vacation for a month with my wife so that she could get to know my family and my country. Now we are going to be parents. It has been all fast, but all very happy. I didn’t expect it to go so well. We are super stable, working and expecting a child. I am excited by everything that has happened in these three and a half years.

– You don’t feel like going back to Chile, so…

– No the truth is no. Damn, I was there for a month, I love my country, Chilito will always be Chilito, but from what I saw, and my wife also told me, he is insecure. Crime is very strong and in Canada that does not exist. You can walk at any time alone and nothing will happen to you. For now, returning to Chile is not within the plans.

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