“Speaking of mistreatment for me is delicate”: Paula Escobar responded to a rumor against her that emerged in the Star Zone

This Sunday night a new chapter of I tell youwhere Paula Escobar responded to the accusation against her made in the entertainment program Star Zone.

In the Zona Latina space, they reported that an expansionist had had a problem with a makeup artist and had been aggressive against the worker. They did not want to give the name of the journalist, but Paula answered them during the broadcast of her program with Sergio Rojas.

“What I lacked, that now I mistreat makeup artists. More over they do not say the name, they sent me the video, “Paula began by pointing out at the beginning of the transmission.

She also explained that she cannot see Star Zone for the cable you have contracted. Then her followers sent her a video of the program where they talked about a journalist who had “mistreated a makeup artist” and asked her if it was her.

“I asked and they told me ‘yes, what happens is that someone complained’, explained Paula, surprised because she didn’t remember something like that.

Along the same lines, he added that “but wait, when they put on my makeup, everyone was there, and you and I, Sergio, shared makeup for about a year, and you saw how I treated Jacque. When Maca Venegas happened, how did we get on, to defend her at arm’s length?

The journalist pointed out that “they are not just workers, those people fix your face, lift your spirits (…) So mistreating someone does not go with me. In the end I didn’t fish, I was going to fish”.

For his part, Sergio Rojas sent a harsh message to the program stating that “it seems to me that they are super fagots, I include everyone, Hugo, Candía, everyone, because if you want to make an accusation against Paula, say with name and surname (…) but that of leaving it bouncing, yes and no, it seems to me that it is low, it is ugly”.

After this, Paula commented that although she was not the nicest, she was respectful of the workers.

Later, the journalist concluded with a message to the program’s journalists about the accusation.

“Launch something delicate, because deep down talking about abuse is delicate for me. You have to say it with your first and last name, and that they give you your right to reply. There are supposed to be journalists there, and we journalists have to go to the other source and no one called me. (…) I think, friend, that they are a little obsessed with us”, Paula Escobar defended herself.

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