“Something so useless…”: Carmen Gloria Arroyo showed her discontent against the greetings of alliances

The TVN host and lawyer, Carmen Gloria Arroyo caught the attention of the web after sharing her discontent against the curious practice carried out by students in the country.

Through her Instagram stories, “the judge” published a message that she shared years ago where she referred negatively to the greetings that students request for their alliances in schools.

“The season of alliances has begun. Many years ago we collected cans, paper, bottles, which were later sold and the funds were donated. Much more useful and by the way we take advantage of recycling and helping others”, she pointed out.

“Where did the idea come from to change that for something as useless as a greeting from a supposedly ‘famous’ for whom some wait hours and with phrases like ‘it’s hard for you’, ‘it’s just one’, ‘she’s the daughter of the friend of my friend’s friend’”, reflected Carmen Gloria Arroyo.

“They try to achieve the imposed mission of their educational centers, who seem not yet to realize how they expose their students for something so useless…. I refuse to encourage this nonsense !!”, she stated adding the phrase“ I posted this a few years ago and nothing has changed… ”, showing his annoyance against alliance greetings.

Check out the message below:

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