“So you can see how generous she is…”: Humberto Sichel declassified the special gesture that Karina Álvarez had with him years ago

This Tuesday afternoon, at the end of the noon news, Humberto Sichel took a moment to greet his colleague Karina Álvarez.

the driver of with you live It is his birthday, so the journalist sent him an affectionate greeting and took the opportunity to reveal a special gesture that his colleague had with him years ago.

“I am going to take ten seconds, I said this in a chat so you can see how generous Karina Álvarez is. Year 2015, she had tickets for the Copa América final, and Karina told me ‘I’ll replace you,'” the journalist confessed before ending the newscast and giving way to the next program.

Along the same lines, he added that “she left the channel, while I, the pearl, went to the stadium, so I am forever grateful for that Karina, among other things, the partner of the month.”

“I gave him a box of chocolates, that time,” revealed Humberto.

For her part, Karina said that “we must confess that Chile won, we were champions, and I had to celebrate in the studio, nothing more foolish. Everyone was in the street, everyone celebrating and everything”.

“But it was a good cause because Toti had bought its tickets for a long time,” added the journalist.

Finally, Humberto thanked him again for the gesture and Karina revealed that, back then, “we were not as friends as we are now.”

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