“So loved that you were not…”: Mónica Godoy stopped the user who questioned her for not voting in the Plebiscite

The reactions and repercussions related to the votes this Sunday in the Exit Plebiscite continue, where the Rejection was the winner after prevailing by a resounding margin over the Approval.

Through their social networks, there are not a few who shared their reflections and analysis on the results delivered by the Servel.

This is how this Monday Mónica Godoy used her social networks to talk about what happened at the polls, although this time she could not vote because she was out of the country.

“Have a great week, gentlemen! I was very aware of what happened yesterday in our beloved Chilito… I hope that together and with an agreement we will build that Chile that we all dream of so much, ”he wrote on his Instagram account.

Immediately, the actress generated various comments on the publication. Of course, in one of them they criticized her for not fulfilling her civic duty. “So dear that you weren’t there to vote? Leave me until there ”, criticized one of her followers.

However, Godoy did not hold back and answered without mincing words.

“Don’t you know that sometimes times can’t be coordinated? You do not work? You do not work? Do not study? Has no children? Apparently not”, she stopped him in his tracks.

And about it, Monica defended herself and provided new arguments after the questioning.

“Last time I returned to vote, this time it was not possible and that does not make me love my country less. Bitter day for you it seems. Leave me up to there, ”she finished it off.

Monica Godoy’s response

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