“Sick old man!”: Young man was arrested after yelling at Prince Andrew while they were moving the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II

A tense moment was experienced this Monday in Edinburgh (Scotland) after a 22-year-old man shouted some insults at Prince Andrew, the third son of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

While the queen’s coffin was being moved through the streets of the city, Andrés was walking behind the coffin with his brothers, including King Carlos III.

As stated CNNChileIt was then that a young man shouted at the prince: “Andrés, you are a sick old man!”

The insult was disapproved of by the crowd that surrounded him, so he was violently separated from the rest. Following this, he was detained by the police after being thrown to the ground while being held by a police officer.

As they took him away, the young man shouted again: “Disgusting!”

The situation was observed by the entire royal entourage, including the new monarch of the United Kingdom.

Police Scotland reported that “a 22-year-old man was arrested in connection with a breach of the peace on the Royal Mile at about 2.50pm today.”

The young man’s cries could be related to the controversy in which the prince was involved. He was accused of sexual abuse and linked to controversial businessman Jeffrey Epstein.

Due to the accusations, Andrés was stripped of all his titles and family honors. The prince was listed as the favorite son of Elizabeth II.

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