“She feels insecure”: they declassify the alleged reaction of Ángeles Araya due to the possible changes in Tu Día

An atmosphere of uncertainty and confusion would be living in the team of Your day after the rumors that point to the arrival of José Luis Repenning and Priscilla Vargas to lead the morning show.

On the show business I beat analyzed the current situation in the channel and also revealed the supposed reaction of Ángeles Araya, who did not appear this morning in the morning since she is replacing Sergio Lagos in the program social cafe.

For his part, Luis Sandoval assured that “some drivers have even gone to claim to find out what is happening to them, if they are going to continue working in the morning or not.”

Likewise, the journalist affirmed that within the channel the arrival of Repenning and Vargas to Your day.

I beat
I beat

Later, the “reality expert” Francisco Halzinki gave more details of an alleged meeting that Angeles had with the director of the channel this Monday.

“She is the person who would have gone to bang on the table, to bang on the fifth-floor door,” Halzinki said.

“They have me bored, I am finding out from the press that new people are going to arrive (in the morning) and nobody tells me anything. (…) I want them to be honest and tell me what is going to happen to my future work”, Angeles would have said according to Halzinki.

Along the same lines, the “reality expert” assured that the journalist ended the meeting in tears. And he also would have asked not to find out about the changes from the press.

“She feels insecure, she feels like she’s being left out. She would have ended that meeting between screaming and crying. I wouldn’t be having a good time,” Halzinki concluded.

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