Shakira involved in a new scandal: an alleged unrecognized son appeared who would be extorting her

As if all that he had to go through wasn’t enough Shakira During the last time, a scandal worthy of a television series script has been added.

It is about an alleged unrecognized son that the interpreter of “Waka Waka” would have had with the Colombian actor Santiago Alarcón.

The young man would be extorting the “couple” with a millionaire monthly economic compensation of 200 thousand dollars to keep the tremendous secret of his identity (about two million pesos).

The alleged “daddy heart” would have been 12 when the “son” was born

After some media have contacted Santiago Alarcón, the actor gave a long statement on Instagram where he confessed that he knew nothing about it.

“This guy was messaging me all over the place and I was blocking his accounts. He recently told me that he lived in Canada and that he came to see me because he was traveling to Colombia, “he said.

“I must admit that he was not aggressive at all and told me that he needed to talk to me alone. I took him to a place where my colleagues could see me, because I swear I panicked, he scared me, and I thought he was going to do something to me, “the artist acknowledged.

But Alarcón immediately said that the young man would have tried to “extort” him by requesting a million-dollar guardianship.

“The boy assures that I gave him up for adoption in 1992, when I was 12 years old. Imagine me at 12 giving him up for adoption, and there goes the case of what I told them about extortion, because he asked me for 835 million pesos, “said the actor.

“The mom would be Shakira, it’s something very crazy!”

The interpreter also confessed to being surprised by who the supposed mother of the young man would be: “It turns out that he assures that his mother, you will not believe me and I am ashamed to name her, but it is time to name her so that you can see the absurdity of the story, it is Shakira. She is a very crazy thing,” he recounted.

Santiago Alarcón confirmed that he has already taken legal action in this regard, while Shakira, who was 15 years old in 1992, has not referred to it. Although it is presumed that she would also be being extorted.

In addition, both artists are shown as happy and responsible parents on their own, and it is not known if they were really in a romantic relationship together in their teens.

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