Sergio Markarián’s message about Diego López

The Uruguayan Sergio Markarián, coach who made the University of Chile champion in 2009, spoke this Thursday about the turbulent blue present and he supported his compatriot Diego López, questioned DT of the student group.

“They are wrong, you should not defend style over tactics. Diego López has the ability to get Universidad de Chile out of this position.” He pointed out the Uruguayan coach on DirecTV. “My wish is that they get ahead and not go through the bitterness of a relegation,” he added.

“This moment of the U is similar to when I arrived, there were many conflicts. A sporting situation that was not good, economically and critical of the institution. We corrected and faced in a short time the commitment to qualify for a cup”, Markarian added.

“When we were champions, we overcame difficulties. All this was the product of an institutional situation that was not good. The University of Chile had mystique and awareness that we were a great team. We had decisive players, like Walter Montillo. There was a contribution from players who were aware of where they were and to turn around a recent history that was bad”, complemented the veteran Uruguayan trainer.

“If you work badly, you have to correct it. Analyze economic and human resources. Not just thinking about coaching in a month or two and winning a couple of games, but a year or two. If things are done moderately well, you can be successful”, hill.

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