Rockstar ensures that the leaks will not affect the development of GTA 6

Recent leaks from GTA 6 They have paralyzed the video game industry. Since the more than 90 videos and images came to light, hardly anything else has been talked about. But it was necessary for the most affected to pronounce on this: rock star.

A few minutes ago, the American developer published an official statement via Twitter confirming that, indeed, all these leaks are real and correspond to what will be GTA 6.

Of course, the company regrets what happened: “We are extremely disappointed that details of our next game have been shared with you in this way.”

Still, it’s not all bad news. And it is that contrary to what many believed, from Rockstar they assure that the development of the next Grand Theft Auto “will go ahead as planned“.

“We remain as committed as ever to deliver an experience for you, our players, that truly exceeds your expectations. We will bring you new information soon and of course, we will present this new game when it is ready” reads the statement.

To everyone’s delight, the company will continue with its planned roadmap. We can only hope that, in the coming days or weeks, let’s not see any more leaks.


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