Rocío Marengo’s relief: she talked about the real reasons for her break with Pamela Díaz

The repercussions in Farandulandia continue after the estrangement between Rocío Marengo and Pamela Díaz, which after several rumors, was confirmed by the latter.

A couple of weeks ago, La Fiera assured that it was “something very personal that I cannot expose”, although he avoided going into details.

For the same reason, now the one who will speak will be Argentina, who will be one of the guests this Friday to a new chapter of We Can Talk.

“He didn’t tell me, he came here to say it. I did not like very much that he was telling it on TV and he had not told me personally, “she said at the beginning of the lace, although she assured that he hopes they can sit down and talk to settle their differences.

“I love her, I put my hands on the fire, I consider her my friend, love does not end overnight. I was surprised watching it on TV and with the comments of the journalists. I did not do anything that I have done to get angry, ”Marengo will reveal in the Chilevisión space.

In addition, in his story he will insist that Pamela “who I consider to be my friend, a warrior woman who goes straight, who says things, I consider that she has not told me straight”.

But that is not all. In addition, he will swear from his navel to the ground that “I didn’t do anything to make her angry. If she had done something wrong, I would have said she got mad about it, but I didn’t do anything.”

The message to Pamela Díaz

“People want to see us together friend. The truth is that we need a talk, it’s not enough to talk about it on TV ”, was the message that he will send on the screen.

Finally, he ruled out that the inconvenience between the two is due to a close encounter between her and Jean Philippe Cretton, as was speculated at the time.

“Until the last minute I told him to go to Europe and he told me he had a problem, he never said he was angry. I never did anything to hurt her, until at one point she said that something could have happened between us and that’s why she got angry, she could have put her hands on the fire for me, having said, ‘anything can happen, but Rocío doesn’t get involved. with my boyfriend’ and that hurt me”, he will close.

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