Roberto Izikson, partner and manager of Cadem: “The series of massive acts generated a change of climate in favor of Approval”

This Saturday night the prime edition of The Departedcycle of conversations that began Third with different political actors to address the scenario of voting day, post-plebiscite and its projections.

Precisely, during its second block they participated Robert Iziksonpartner and manager of Cadem, Christian Valdiviesopartner of Criteria and Christopher Huneeusdirector of Data Science-Unholster, who discussed the role of polls and the events of recent days that could have moved the electoral needle.

A few hours before the voting begins in the national territory, Izikson made an analysis of what the campaign of both options has been, the trends that the polls showed and one of the points that he addressed was what happened during this last busy week, stating that it existed a change of climate in favor of the I approve option which was accentuated by the massive acts that were carried out in different parts of the country, and especially in Santiago.

“A drop in Approval comes from a drop in Rejection and not from the undecided who, for me, are rather non-voters. What the Approval did achieve in the last week is that the series of massive successive acts that end in Santiago generated a change of climate in favor of Approval, compared to the void of Rejection on public roads and at events, and that helps,” he asserted.

His assessments were replicated and even criticized by various users of social networks, since the Plaza Pública Cadem survey has shown since the end of March of this year a sustained triumph of the Rejection optioneven beating Approval by a wide margin during the month of July (a difference of 21 percentage points), a trend that as the weeks went by showed a tighter distance, and in the last poll, on August 19, it was projected that the Rejection would prevail by nine points over the Approval.

In the same context, Izikson estimated that “on Monday we are going to have a very separate and polarized country. We are going to have a very challenging country and we are going to have to continue to carry out our role of delivering information to the people.”

Despite the foregoing, both the manager of Cadem and Valdivieso and Huneeus agreed in the instance that it is complex that the latest events change the needle in such a significant way, limiting that people have a clear vote and that both the episode of the flag in Valparaíso and the massive closures of the Approval in Santiago are only emotional effects for both options.

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