Ricky Martin sued his nephew for 20 million dollars: after controversial complaint

A few months ago, Ricky Martín was in the eye of the hurricane after his nephew accused him of violence and incest in the courts of Puerto Rico.

After the complaint of Dennis Yadiel Sanchez was filed, the singer filed a lawsuit against him for 20 million dollars, according to the site TMZ.

In the text, the Puerto Rican claimed to feel “persecuted, harassed, stalked and extorted by a misfit person”, after the trial against him that began with the accusations of his nephew ended.

The singer claimed that a month after dropping the charges against him, his nephew sent Ricky messages through Instagram threatening to “assassinate his reputation and integrity” unless he paid him.

In addition, in the lawsuit, the artist assured that, before requesting a restraining order against him, Dennis bragged about being his nephew.

Likewise, Ricky explained that the young man bombarded him with messages for four months, some days he received more than 10.

Ricky Martin pointed out that he lost several multimillion-dollar contracts after his nephew’s accusations, for which he demanded 20 million dollars as compensation for the damages.

Finally, the artist assured that Dennis’s actions have made him and his family feel “insecure” in Puerto Rico, so he asked a judge to order Dennis not to communicate with him or his family.

It should be remembered that Dennis denounced Ricky Martin in July, claiming that he had had a romantic relationship with his uncle that lasted 7 months.. But that he had finished after the singer harassed him.

The Puerto Rican justice issued a protection order against the singer, but it all ended after Dennis dropped the charges.

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