Richard Barroilhet | He left Chilean soccer and today does business in France: “I felt I was falling into mediocrity”

One of the most striking couples that has come to Chilean football in recent times is that of Richard (30) and Jordan Barroilhet (24). Both French, sons of a Chilean father, who after a tour of Europe came to our country to try their luck. In that sense, it was Richard who opened the front door: he arrived in 2017 to wear the O’Higgins shirtafter emigrating from Montpellier II.

The oldest of the Barroilhet played five years in Chile, where he also went through clubs such as Barnechea, Magallanes, Deportes Puerto Montt, Deportes Temuco and Universidad de Concepción. However, a few months ago he decided to retire from football and return to his native country to manage the restaurant. beach boatlocated in Sainte Maxime, specifically in Plage de La Nartelle, a sector in the south of France known for its high costs and paradisiacal landscapes. Jordan, meanwhile, followed the same path, despite being six years younger.

“We already did the summer season, which is high season. I came to help the family, because my parents are old, so that’s why I came back to France. They need fresh energy, especially to run such a demanding restaurant. I made the decision and stayed here.

– How have you been in your new role as an entrepreneur?

– Well, although it’s totally different from waking up, going to train at 12 noon and getting ready. Today I am here from half past eight in the morning and it ended at half past one the next morning. They are very long days, dealing with people. The good thing is that it has gone well for us, because many people come with good incomes, who come to enjoy a day here and feel the atmosphere there.

– Did you miss going back to France?

– Yes, in a way it’s nice to come back here. It is a very nice area and I am dedicated to the more familiar business, where before I only helped, but always focused on football, now it is another vision. I am taking advantage.

“I am someone ambitious. I felt like I was falling into mediocrity. Chilean football… does not change your life, to put it in some way”

Richard Barroilhet

– Jordan said that his dream was always to dedicate himself to the world of business. Was it like that for you too?

– For me, football was always my passion, my first love, and I feel that I will miss it. In fact, sometimes, I already miss him. But I think it wasn’t evolving in the best way, it wasn’t getting better. Although it is true, in Chile I played many games, I did not feel that I was advancing, as if I did not go to a higher stage, nor to a better contract situation, nor to a better club. And at 30 years old, I needed something more in my life. I am someone ambitious. I felt like I was falling into mediocrity. Chilean football… doesn’t change your life, to put it one way or another. I loved going to train, I loved being with my colleagues, playing… I made a lot of friends. But I felt like I needed something more.

– So, are you definitely retired now, or could you think about coming back if you receive an offer?

– If they contact me, obviously it will attract my attention to play again, but surely I will think twice (laughs). Here they also offered me to play a couple of times. I don’t close the door, it will depend.



– Was it difficult to get from France to Chile?

– I played in several countries, so going to a country was not something that bothered me. I was in Finland, Kazakhstan, England, the Netherlands. But Chile has always made me curious, because it is my father’s country and I have a lot of family there. The football culture there is also very interesting, so my idea was to try to play for the best clubs, achieve a good situation, evolve. Things didn’t go the way I wanted, but I felt it was nice.

– Would you like to return to our country?

– Yes, I have many friends there, and I liked the landscapes, the culture, the people. There are many things that I miss, because they were five years of my life, which were important. I grew up as a person there. There is also the possibility of doing business there, because there is potential, at the landscape level… People like Chile, so it is an option.

– What do you think was missing to make that leap in Chilean football that you are talking about?

– Despite the fact that I played constantly during the five years, I never got injured or anything, I think I was missing a coach who would have left me in one position. I played in different positions, due to my characteristics, but I think I lacked being always in the same place to increase my statistics. When I started as 9, I scored goals, but then they changed my position. When another club wants to sign you, they ask themselves “now, what are you playing for? Is he forward, winger, midfielder? I lacked continuity in my position.

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