Raquel Argandoña revealed a “master move” to avoid alleged dismissal of Sergio Lagos on Channel 13: she accused him of being ungrateful

Raquel Argandoña does not leave a puppet with a head and everyone in Farandulandia trembles with each of her interventions in the Star Zone.

In fact, that was precisely what happened this Thursday in the show program, where this time he aimed his darts at Sergio Lagos.

While reviewing the television year that the animator has had, the “Quintrala” uncovered an unknown situation that surprised his colleagues in the studio.

“Sergio Lagos was about to be fired from Channel 13, when he was removed from the night program,” revealed Raca. The latter, in reference to Let’s go long.

And along the same lines, he added: “He was but like this… he was in a thread of being kicked out.”

After cardboard, Cecilia Gutiérrez put the spoon and revealed that at that time the communicator was flirting with Mega to change the channel.


However, apparently it was all about a cahuín that Raquel herself started to run. “I invented that Mega was negotiating to be left at 13 ″, she was honest to the surprise of the other panelists.

In addition, he took advantage of the instance to uncover Lagos. “Ungrateful that one, yes …. he was about to, they were going to throw him out yes or yes,” he added before explaining the garbage.

“Never again, I don’t know ‘hello, thanks’, what do I know… that lasts a week and a half and then they forget… it’s true that one never has friends on television”, he vented on screen.

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