Problems continue in the “U”: captaincy of Ronnie Fernández divides the board of directors of Azul Azul

After his first games wearing the blue shirt, the feeling remained that Ronnie Fernández could fill the void left by Joaquín Larrivey’s departure at the University of Chile without too much difficulty.

Winning, striker, with a couple of important goals in the preseason and at the beginning of the championship, the former Santiago Wanderers striker was accumulating praise, to the point of becoming the captain of the university team.

However, like the rest of the team, it faded as the dates went by. Suffice it to mention that he has only five goals in the tournament and has not been able to be the agent of danger that is expected of a gunner in the “U”.

That, added to some controversies, such as the one that broke out a few days ago, when he responded to a publication by the EnCancha media outlet, has taken away the floor not only at the sporting level —it is speculated that Sebastián Miranda will replace him this Thursday against Palestino— but also in the consideration of the directors of Azul Azul.

Specifically, Francisco Caneo, reporter for the blues in Outdoors in Cooperativereported that “Ronnie Fernández’s performance has not been what was wanted.”

And then he assured that “in the directory some have questioned Ronnie’s captaincy. They don’t understand how a player like him can be captain of the U. Conversations that took place this weekend”.

For now, the striker is still training in silence, waiting for the match against Palestino. As Caneo explained, it is rumored that he will give up his place in the starting team to Uruguayan Cristián Palacios.

“I am still strong and trusting that we will carry this out together with those who support us,” the gunner wrote on Twitter last Sunday.

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