Prince Andrew of York: the criminal history of Elizabeth II’s favorite son

He is the true black sheep of Buckingham Palace, Prince Andrew of York went from military hero during the Falklands War to criminal pederast, in the blink of an eye.

The man who said he was Elizabeth II’s favorite son –leaving aside the current King Carlos III – set off alarms in 2019 for a rape accusation dating back to 2001.

Andrés allegedly raped Virginia Giuffre, a teenager trafficked by the prince’s personal friend, financial tycoon and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide in 2019 while in jail.

Two photographs have served as evidence, the first is where the prince appears hugging the young woman, who recalled a night she spent with Andrés in a London nightclub, saying that he sweated a lot.

Andrew of York
Andrew of York

And while the press disembodied him, the prince did nothing but deny it, he even said that he did not sweat. But another photo dating from 2010 would put him in more trouble.

It is an image taken in New York, where he appears with Jeffrey Epstein, walking through the streets, a revealing image about a “criminal friendship”.

Andrew of York and Jeffrey Epstein
Andrew of York and Jeffrey Epstein

A “sick old man” banished from royalty

His mother, the queen of England at the time, stripped him of his military titles and royal patronage earlier this year: he could no longer be called “Her Royal Aletza”, ever.

A prince who represents the worst of the privileges of the powerful and toxic masculinity. A man who was never considered a contender for the throne, quite the contrary, he was an icon of singleness and was linked to a long list of actresses and models.

In the 80’s he was pruned by the pink press – who had him as cannon fodder – as “Randy Andy” (Andy Lustful). At the time, his only way to earn any respect was to serve as a helicopter pilot during the Falklands war.

In addition to marrying Sarah Ferguson in 1986 and having two daughters. The marriage gave him the title of Duke of York, but they divorced ten years later amid allegations of infidelity.

Andrew of York and Sarah Ferguson
Andrew of York and Sarah Ferguson

A distancing from the monarchy that spread to society. From #MeToo -the 2017 movement to denounce sexual assault and harassment- to his mother’s wake, where he was insulted by a protester who yelled at him: “Andrés, you are a sick old man”.

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