President Boric’s gestures to Israel and Palestine in his first speech to the UN

One of the most important milestones in terms of foreign policy, since he took office last March, lived this Tuesday the President Gabriel Boric: gave his first speech before the United Nations General Assembly In New York, USA.

His speech, which was part of the 77th session and lasted 22 minutes, was marked by several axes. Among them, the Chilean constituent process, the global economic and environmental situation, the migratory crisis and -as expected- alluded to the war of Russia in Ukrainecalling for peace and respect for human rights.

“I invite you to work together to strengthen democracy in all spaces, in each country and in the relationship between us,” the President began, referring to all nations.

“To commit ourselves from multilateralism to justice and peace, at all times and in all places, to take whatever actions are necessary and not just statements to stop Russia’s unjust war against Ukraineand put an end to all abuses by the powerful anywhere in the world,” he continued.

His words did not end there, since he also had gestures specifically to Palestine and Israelalong with alluding to the situation of Iran and Nicaragua.

To mobilize our efforts to stop violence against women, whether in Iran, in memory of Mahsa Aminikilled in the hands of the police this week, or anywhere on the globe,” he said, referring to the death of a woman from that country, who died shortly after being detained in Tehran for hijab regulations.

Next, Boric called “not naturalize the permanent human rights violations against the Palestinian peopleasserting international law and the resolutions that year after year this same assembly establishes that lead to its inalienable right to establish its own free and sovereign State”.

As well as to guarantee Israel’s legitimate right to live within secure and internationally recognized borders.”, pointed out the President.

Finally, he pointed tocontinue working to contribute to the release of political prisoners in Nicaraguaand work so that nowhere in the world having different ideas from the government in power can end up in persecution or violation of human rights”.

The gesture of the head of state to Israel is given days after impasse diplomatic occurred on Thursday at the Palacio de La Moneda with the israeli ambassador, Gil Artzyeli, after the President decided not to receive his credential letters. The decision was made after the death of a 17-year-old Palestinian during an operation by the Israeli Army, but later Chile had to apologize.

From Group 10 of the Air Force, and after participating in the military parade, the head of state took off on Monday, after 2:30 p.m., from national soil towards New York. Once in the North American country, he was received by the ambassador to the United Nations, Paula Narvaez and the Chilean ambassador to the US, Juan Gabriel Valdes.

He arrived accompanied by his entourage, which includes the finance ministers, Mario Marceldefense, maya fernandezEnvironment, Maisa Rojasand the chancellor, Antonia Urrejola.

The first activity on the agenda for this Tuesday was to broadcast his speech at the UN, which was also framed in the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the speech given, in 1972, by the former president Salvador Allende before the multilateral organization.

Then you have an appointment scheduled with the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von Der Leyenan encounter with a relevant factor, since Both parties are negotiating the limits of the modernization of the current economic agreements between Chile and the EU.

During the trip, meanwhile, he also has planned activities with the Council of the Americas and also with the president of the World Bank, David Malpasswhile Marcel has a series of parallel appointments with risk rating agencies, investment banks, among others.

Among the most relevant bilateral ones, the President will hold meetings with his peers from New Zealand, Jacinda Arndern; from France, Emmanuel Macron; and from Spain, Pedro Sanchez.

One of Chile’s additional expectations in the assembly will be to take advantage of sealing new votes in support of the country’s candidacy to join the United Nations Human Rights Council. The elections are in October of this year and, in addition to Chile, they postulate Costa Rica Y Venezuela.

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