Polo Ramírez’s “unfiltered” joke on José Luis Repenning in his debut on Channel 13: it is related to Priscilla Vargas

José Luis Repenning had a surprising appearance this Wednesday morning on T13 AM, where he made his absolute debut on the screens of Channel 13 after his resignation from Mega.

Just as he does not want the thing, the journalist dropped into the informative space led by Polo Ramírez and Natalia López.

“Excuse me, good morning, how are you? Is this studio 1? The 5? ”, “Repe” came acting crazy, who was presented with great fanfare in his new television house.

“We know him, welcome. As of today, José Luis Repenning is from Channel 13. He belongs to us, ”Ramírez clarified while receiving his new partner in the press area.

After cardboard, the communicator expressed all his happiness to start this new challenge in his career.

“I’ve reached a milestone, it’s a very important jump so I’m very happy and with high expectations”, explained José Luis.

“Here we receive people very well, with great affection. And people really appreciate working here on the channel and in your case it will not be any different, I am absolutely sure”, added Polo.

However, the latter could not stand it and took the opportunity to remember Priscilla Vargas, his former partner in Mega and Repenning’s close friend, with whom they will meet again in the former “little angel” sign.

Polo Ramirez’s prank

“I know a person who can give you a very good tour of the canal,” Ramírez joked, clearly alluding to “Pri.”

“Who?” Mega’s former face asked back.

“No, I’m going to introduce her to you. I think you already have his phone”, Polo put it on the swing again.

“I think you already know her,” Natalia López added with a laugh.

“It’s going to be a very good tour for you, showing you the studios, the facilities of Canal 13”, insisted the host of the space before dismissing the informative block and giving way to Tu Día.

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