Pokémon Twitch Cup 2022 date and trailer!

In addition to the full list of participantsthe trailer and date for the Pokémon Twitch Cup 2 have been revealed! The series, created by Barbe and Sekiam, will return with a fan made developed from scratch. And at the moment, people have gone crazy with what was shown, since the game is full of details. However, let’s go in parts. First of all, the release date: October 6. the series of Pokémon Twitch Cup 2 will start on October 5. The tournament is expected to take place on October 17, although it is not a fixed date.

Then, on the other hand, in the same stream from Ibai, Barbe introduced Yuste, who has participated in the creation of the game. Along with this appeared Pablus, who has also been directly involved in its development.. And it is that, and as is logical, they have not wanted to forget all those who have been involved in the creation and development of the game that will become the basis of the series. Are:

Pokemon Twitch Cup 2022 Trailer

Pablus94, Kiraka, Pxscept, Rekenart, Oscar Brockwah, Eric_Loestie, Inyustificado, Asscripting, Layxent, MRS_Suli, Gnriego and Nero_trads are the ones who have been behind the scenes with the supervision of Sekiam and Barbe.

Pokémon Twitch Cup 2022 date and trailer

The trailer of the Pokémon Twitch Cup 2022, that we also leave you through the original tweetit’s crazy. It is full of details, from the presence of Jordi Wild to Xokas’s fridge and garbage bags, as well as the presence of the characters from one piecethe city of Piltover, references to Minecraft…

It’s definitely a game streamers for streamers where references to other series and video games are a constant. Now we just have to wait for it to start, but the truth is that it looks simply incredible. That said, we also remind you that you can consult the complete list of participants through the following link. Now yes, until next time!

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