Pokémon Scarlet & Violet presents its three stories from the hand of its most recent advance

It has been known for some time that Pokémon Pokémon Scarlet & Violet will have three plot lines that the players will be able to follow, now finally hand in hand with the most recent advance, is that each of these were released.

On the one hand, there is the classic journey of the Pokémon games, defeating the different gym leaders to become Pokémon League Champion. Second, there is the Legendary Path, where players will help gather rare ingredientsand finally, the Vía Stardust, where they will have to face Team Star, a group of school delinquents.

“As you travel through the Paldea region, you will live three stories that will intertwine during your adventure. In the Journey of Victory, you will visit different gyms to earn the rank of Champion or Champion. On the Legendary Path, you’ll team up with Damien to search for very hard-to-find ingredients. Finally, in the Stardust Way, you will have to stand up to Team Star, a group of rogues who are dedicated to sowing chaos in the academy, ”they point out on the official Pokémon page in this regard.

In the case of gyms, as they explain, players must pass a gym exam before they can face the leader of theseThis exam varies between each gym and after passing it is that you will have access to combat.

Regarding Damián’s research, they explain that “hidden spices are very rare and can only be found in Paldea. They are protected by dominant Pokémon, much bigger and stronger than normal Pokémon, which makes getting them very difficult.” This is very similar to what happened with Alpha Pokémon in Legends: Arceus.

Finally, in relation to Team Star, the player will have to face the different bases that they have throughout the Paldea region. “When you visit each squad’s base, the Recruits will send out their Pokémon non-stop to cut you off. If you defeat enough Pokémon within a time limit, you can challenge their boss to a battle, “they explain.

According to what they detail, for this there will be a new function called free combat, and after defeating enough Pokémon you will have to face the boss of the base, his Pokémon and his “Autostar”. “This vehicle will not make things easy for you during combat either. If you take on the bosses, you won’t just have to defeat their Pokémon team, but also their Autostars!”

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