Plebiscite in Chile: first results of tables abroad

The exit plebiscite is a mandatory vote in which Chileans must decide whether to Approve or Reject the proposal for a new Constitution prepared by the members of the Constitutional Convention.

During the early hours of this Sunday, September 4 the counts began in the vote abroad of the constitutional plebiscite in which Chileans must express their opinion at the polls.

The exit plebiscite is a mandatory voting where the citizenry must state whether it Approves or Rejects the proposal for a new Constitution prepared by the Constitutional Convention.

Where I vote?  Check your polling station and location
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Where I vote? Check with the RUT your polling station and place for the Plebiscite

Throughout the country there will be 2,914 polling places with 38,758 tables. Meanwhile, the electoral register exceeds 15 million people qualified to vote while 97 thousand 239 are enabled abroad.


Preliminary results on sydney, They give Approval the winner with 1,021 votes while Rejection obtained 586 preferences. Meanwhile, in Brisbane where 237 people voted for Approval, 146 for Rejection and one person left his vote blank in a total of two tables.

at the only table Canberra 120 votes were registered for Approval, 44 for Rejection and one blank vote.

These results are to exit poll and do not have an official character. Check this article constantly for more updates.

New Zealand

In New Zealand The Approve option is also considered the winner with 792 votes for Approval and 253 for Rejection.


In Japanthe election closed with 120 votes for approval and 58 for rejection.


At the polling station located in Singapore, 34 people voted for the Rejection while 19 did it for the Approval.


At the polling station in India 4 people voted for Approval, while 8 voted for Rejection.


In Philippines 13 people opted for Approval and 9 for Rejection.


On the other hand, in China 98 people voted for the Rejection and 51 did it for the Approval.

South Korea

Preliminary results from the only polling station in South Korea, located in Seoul, revealed that the Approval obtained 58 votes against 33 of the Rejection.


The preliminary count at the exit of the urn Israelresulted in 40 people voted for Approval and 148 did so for Rejection.


During the afternoon of this Sunday the results of the seven tables in Berlin were already known. In the German capital, 3,255 voted for Approval and 1,162 voted for Rejection.


In Switzerland there are two cities with polling places, Genevawhere former president Michelle Bachelet voted, and Bern.

In total in that country, 850 voted for Approval and 385 for Rejection.


During the afternoon of this Sunday the preliminary results were already known, where the Approve has 18 votes and Reject 49 votes.


in the Netherlands 536 people opted for Approval and 188 for Rejection.


during this sunday 381 people voted for Approve and 252 for the Reject option.


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