Play or PC for a Gamer?

Talking about consoles as something that is already part of the elements of an electronic nature as something that is no longer referred only to the object of fun for children.

Today we can say, even affirm that in almost all homes we have entertainment covered by one of these consoles, for example the PS5.

PlayStation 5, an obvious choice

The last Play 5, which brought out the legendary company that revolutionized the free time of many generations and transformed it into new themes and fun with the desire to create new possible worlds in which to immerse ourselves, to create strategies, overcome levels, live soccer from the inside, putting ourselves in the skin of our idols and most respected players; this was its last launch to the market of which we can see its improvements and features with the naked eye by turning it on.

The PlayStation 5 It has an extremely high level of graphics, of a much higher quality than what was being shown in its previous version, such as Play4. The graphics are very detailed that create an illusion of being in the game, as well as its 120 frames per second, as well as, they have achieved lighting quality, adding better textures to the image, something totally new and innovative at the level of consoles.

The use of RAY-TRACYN until very recently was not possible to combine it with consoles. But the PS5they managed to incorporate it and now, everything related to reflecting on metals, the crystal clear water of it, its lighting allows a reality almost as perfect as that of our daily lives that delight our eyes.

Previously we already named its frames, for those who do not know what it refers to, it translates into the speed or speed with which the Play5 to play the video game, unlike its predecessor the ps4, it doubles in fluidity since the previous one only had 60 frames per second and with the new one we are talking about 120 frames per second. Where the player can react in a much more agile way in terms of the speed of the game and what it takes for the processor to direct the order given by the player from his command.

Another of its great points of progress is its storage, its SSD, which makes its previous versions and the HDD (hard disk) obsolete. This storage SSD what they come to reduce is the waiting time, boot or start of our console, supplants dead waiting times, between moments of a plot and being able to “jump” to the next scene of the game, possible to compare with skip the uninteresting parts and go straight into the action, immersing yourself in the story.

advanced technology

Another great novelty is its DualSense controller, although at first glance, we only see aesthetic and minimal details since all its buttons, levers, speaker, touch panel and triggers are practically the same and are in the same layout as its previous versions. The biggest change is inside, now it’s not just its vibration that we feel in our hands when something is happening on the screen, but that engine has been changed for more precise sensory-speaking responses to our touch. Thus leaving us with a much more realistic experience than the engine vibrating with each blow. On the other hand, a microphone has also been incorporated into the command, and a detail in the lower controls that provide resistance or can even be blocked for greater security of the player, being able to decide together with the game to disable them at times and thus not commit any ” misstep”.

Something that has been left in the background to achieve the best and most realistic form of graphics, is the sound, although it has always tried to generate something very good, in its intrinsic quality this time, the same pointillism has been dedicated to it as with other console skins PlayStation 5 try to cover an experience that encompasses and tries to adapt to each ear or ear of each player that its sound is accurate to the right measure for each one, whether they use headphones or not, blocking noise external to the game environment.

As we have already delved into this console, as a revolutionary to enjoy our leisure time, we can also talk about another reality or its greatest opponent in the universe of gameplay. Today with platforms like Twitch, YouTube, many well-known celebrities, with their gaming laptopwho are professionally dedicated to something else such as soccer players, etc., have also joined the streaming market, filming themselves and sharing the experience of games in community with spectators or even within the games to be played.

A notebook, another option

Of course, not all of us can access computers as sophisticated as those of these professionals dedicated to playing hours and hours, where their computer and processor are always at the limit and in constant use. But what we can do is get closer and search the market for some cheap gaming laptopwhich allows us to indulge our leisure time with good support without the need to spend a fortune.

If we want to start in this new digital universe of high connectivity, it is always good to look for options from different places and origins, one of the most faithful examples are the notebook gamer Chile that offer us a wide variety of possibilities to improve our experience from home or any other remote place.

A gaming laptopwe must always take into account its graphics card, (GPU) that can sometimes put aside its quality to support the battery of our notebook, unlike if it is connected to the current, it can already release and even reach 130 frames per second .

In relation to price and quality cheap gaming laptopa wide range of different options are usually found on internet portals that offer us notebooks with Intel i7 processors, inter core i5, with a RAM memory greater than 8 Gb, and SSD from 500 up to 1 terabyte.

Getting something high-end, at reasonable prices, we talk about technology and accessories to make broadcasts and improve all kinds of experiences for both viewers and oneself who is immersed in games, PlayStation or cheap gamer notebook always offers a good catalog of options.

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