Pixel Noir already has a release date

PixelNoir, a game of detective role and research has been announced for april 2023 for PC and Nintendo Switch. Its arrival on the rest of the platforms is scheduled for the summer of that same year. This adventure offers us a mystery story based on the streets of Pinnacle City with all the aesthetics of mystery not to go typical of cinema.

Pixel Noir will arrive in April 2023

An old and rotten hospital. Your dead companions and many other people, and they have blamed everything on you. Ten years later, we are troubled detectives who manage to live in a decaying city full of ruin. However, we are presented with the form of clear our name and it’s time to get going. What’s in store for us? That’s what we’ll have to find out.

To do this, we will have to solve mysteries as the cheapest detective that we are in the city. Things as absurd as lost pets, up to a murder. However, the city is a hotbed of evil and we will have to fight against enemies that attack us mercilessly. Luckily, we can improve our equipment and use weapons that we can improve to our liking. What a story awaits us with Pixel Noir!

pixel noir

Making use of a retro aesthetic and a noir-based theme, this game offers us an adventure with a lot of visual detail and reminiscences of the world of comics. How could it be otherwise, we will also find music that is very reminiscent of video game classics and even touches of humor that will trap us in the story. Our reputation is at stake and we need to clear our name once and for all. Very Sinful-esque!

This title will arrive in april 2023 for PC and Switch and in the summer of the same year for the rest of the platforms, including PlayStation.

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