Piqué’s error with which he exposed Clara Chía on social networks: it did not go unnoticed

The relationship between Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí continues in the eye of the hurricane after the separation of the player from Shakira.

During the last weeks the international media have been revealing new details about the controversial Spanish romance with the 23-year-old student. It was learned that the young woman worked in Piqué’s company, Kosmos, and there was even talk that She was the girlfriend of the brother of a friend of the soccer player.

Since the name of Clara Chía Martí was known, Internet users began to search social networks for photos of who would be the woman with whom Piqué cheated on Shakira.

A few weeks ago, the paparazzi managed to capture some postcards in which it was possible to know who the student was. The lovebirds were very close in a marriage, where they were photographed together and the comparisons with Shakira were immediate.

The young woman had decided to eliminate all her networks in order to prevent details of her life from beginning to circulate and some false accounts began to circulate.

However, Clara Chía returned to Instagram but the secret was short-lived. And it is that Piqué himself betrayed his new girlfriend.

The soccer player’s followers noticed that he began to follow a new user, which would be the young woman’s true profile.

Clara Chía Martí’s account is private and is named @clarachia5. So far it has only 4 publications. In addition, he follows 177 people and has the same number of followers. One of them would be Piqué himself.

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