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The uncertainty mark the hours before closing market in Betis. While in sports the team walk brilliantly through the heights of the Leaguethe club tries to reset the accounts your planning to achieve register footballers of his first team and provide some relief to Manuel Pellegrini. It is precisely the Chilean coach who is in charge of squeezing the club to have his squad already closed. And he is clear: he loves Claudio Bravo Y willian joseph, the two that remain unregistered, within your project. Also to William Carvalhoone of the names that sounded more strongly in recent days to give economy air with a hypothetical exit. The reality is clear: the club finalizes the registration of Bravo and will do everything possible to make room for the Brazilian striker without further dismantling the squad.

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The topic William Carvalho it has no place in Pellegrini’s plan. He wants it anyway in Heliopolis after a start of course in the which proved to be a essential piece in your plans. His brilliance contrasts with the expiration of his contract next June, but the technical prefer its immediate performance to the absence of a trick that does not expose its arguments on the grass. Without Guido in the exit equation, Betis is considering other ways to try to minimize its damaged salary limit. Many lights are placed on Loren: he is in the first team due to the difficulty that arose with William Joseph, but the Brazilian is clearly a priority for Pellegrini when it comes to finding a nine that shares the minutes with Borja Iglesias practically 50%.

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No scenario is ruled out of departures, especially in a market so variable that it could accelerate its progress in recent days. However, in the absence of major proposals, the green and white club gives priority to stay with your current assets and will readjust its formulas to find the free way of LaLiga to the registration of its last two pieces, Bravo and Willian José. There are footballers who have less weight in the squad and it is about finding an accommodation these days for them in the event that the problem of the salary limit can be solved in this way. The countdown is activated. Y it all depends on fitting numbers in Heliopolis. Because Pellegrini’s no to weight loss seems clearer than ever.

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