“Peliteñida” from Yo soy Betty la fea tells the secrets of her remembered character

Undoubtedly, one of the most remembered characters of “I am Betty, the ugly one”, was carried out by Lorna Cepeda, who played Patricia Fernández.

Her role became known worldwide as “La Peliteñida”, a nickname given to her by the so-called “Cuartel de las Feas”, the friends of “Betty” in Ecomoda, and for her phrase “I did six semesters of Finance at San Marino” .

Now, after the rerun of the TV series on Channel 13, Cepeda tells the secrets of his role. “I worked on ‘Patricia Fernández’ like all the characters, very honestly and understanding her, not judging her… so that people could also understand her,” says the Colombian actress when asked about how she worked on the role that led her to have a great stardom.

“That character meant a lot to me”

About what “Patricia Fernández” and “I am Betty, the ugly” meant to her, Cepeda confesses that “that character meant a lot, because I was just starting out, I would have been acting on television for two or three years and in this kind of thing. So it was a very radical change in my life. And to this day I bless this change and give thanks for this character.”

In relation to the memories she has of the TV series and its recordings, made in 1999 and 2000, Lorna points out that “I have the best memories. I love having worked with my partners, not only with the cast, but with the entire team, which was wonderful. To this day we greet each other, we remember each other, we see each other and we meet, so I am very grateful to have been there.”

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