Parliaments of Lugansk and Donetsk agree on plebiscite of accession to Russia after successful Ukrainian counteroffensive

The self-proclaimed people’s republics of Donetsk and Luhansk have decided to speed up the organization of the plebiscites for admission to Russia after the Ukrainian counteroffensive has forced the Russian Army to cede territory.

“I have a proposal: join forces between the heads of the republics and the parliaments to elaborate the steps, the actions, that allow us to begin the preparations for the referendum“, said Denis Pushilinthe Donetsk separatist leader, on his Telegram channel.

Pushilin boarded with his counterpart from Lugansk, Leonid Pasechnikthe need to “synchronize” both the organization of the consultations and the security measures to stop the advance of the Ukrainian forces.

For this reason, he called for the integration referendum with the Russian Federation to be held on the same day in both territories, just as it happened when the pro-Russian military uprising broke out in 2014.

The public chambers, advisory bodies of both separatist republics, today addressed their leaders with the request that they hold said consultation “urgently”.

“Today we receive requests from public cameras. This is nothing more than the reflection of the opinion of our people, something that has been in the air for a long time”Pushilin explained.

The petition of the Donetsk Public Chamber calls for erase once and for all “the nonexistent border” with Russia.

“We want the border of the Russian Federation to be between us and Ukraine.“, said alexander koffmanpresident of the chamber.

Along the same lines, the Luhansk Public Chamber called “to immediately hold a referendum on the recognition of the Lugansk People’s Republic as a subject of the Russian Federation.”

“We are convinced that the initiative will have the full support of the inhabitants of Luhansk and entry into the Russian Federation will not only constitute a triumph of historical justice, but will also guarantee the security of the republic,” the petition states.

The Ukrainian authorities in Lugansk say that their forces have taken the town of Bilohorivka, on the border between Lugansk and Donetsk.

According to British intelligence, any substantial loss of territory in the Lugansk regionwhose control Russia claimed in early July, it would undermine the Kremlin’s strategy in Ukraine.

The Russian withdrawal from the Kharkov region on September 8 has been accompanied by the advance in Donbas of the Ukrainian troops, who have crossed the strategic Oskil River.

However, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, ruled out last Friday a change of strategy in eastern Ukraine after the Kremlin also rejected a possible general mobilization after criticism from some politicians and regional leaders about the dire lack of soldiers on the front lines.


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