Pablo Solari receives fierce criticism for attitude after applauded performances in River Plate: even Martín Liberman “reviewed” him

Although he arrived at River Plate a couple of months ago, after passing through coló Colo, Pablo Solari has already managed to make people talk in Argentina.

The “Pibe” adapted from one and these days is one of the key pieces of Marcelo Gallardo’s team, so much so that he already has several goals with the “Millionaire” shirt.

However, in the last hours the striker generated a topic of conversation for aspects other than what happens with the ball. In fact, they hit him hard because of his attitude and the way he dressed.

Everything arose when this Monday Solari arrived at the River Plate facilities to undergo a series of tests after leaving “resentful” in the duel that his team played over the weekend. And he did it in silence and without giving statements to the media.

In fact, this situation was what generated a series of reactions from some trans-Andean journalists and communicators. For example, Martín Liberman did not hold anything back and made an ironic comment related to the “Pibe’s” clothing, who arrived at the aforementioned medical appointment covered up to his head.

Criticism of Solari

“What or who is he hiding from?” wrote the renowned Argentine journalist.

But that is not all. After cardboard, the communicator Juan Carlos Pasman was also outraged by the attitude of the “Pibe” and did not miss the opportunity to hit him on the floor.

“I read Martín Liberman. Solari scored seven goals for River Plate and Cristiano Ronaldo is already believed. A little bit of humility. Talk to people, to journalists and tell them what happened to you: it’s a study, I’ll give you the result in the afternoon, thanks for coming, “he launched without a filter on the program Football 910 radio La Red de Argentina,

And in the same vein, he added: “a little respect, Solari, that you did not beat anyone. You play well and you tore yourself up a week before the Superclásico. So you’re not Ronaldo. Respect our work.”

“A couple of months ago no one swore to you, they called you from Buenos Aires and you threw yourself headfirst into the phone to give a note to come to River. See if this boy wins a Ballon d’Or; he pisses on you from the third floor ”, he finished it off.

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