Overwatch 2’s Kiriko can teleport, summon a fox, and make you immortal

After a plethora of teasers and leaks, Overwatch 2’s new hero, Kiriko, was officially revealed during Xbox’s Tokyo Game Show presentation. In Kiriko’s reveal trailer, his extremely varied and dynamic gear is shown, including teleporters, throwing knives not unlike the ones Jett throws in Valorant, and a fox spirit animal.

With all this utility, Kiriko will, of course, be a support hero (finally) and will be available from the start on the Overwatch 2 release date. As Blizzard revealed earlier this month, new heroes like Kiriko will be unlockable by advance through the free track of that season’s battle pass.

While the trailer simply shows Kiriko’s abilities in action, point esports he has the lowdown on what his kit actually does in the game.

Her primary fire (Healing Ofuda) heals a targeted ally, but the projectiles move slowly, so will require exquisite timing and foresight to be useful in the heat of battle. Here the secondary firs (Kunai) are the most offensive ability of his, and these are the knives he throws at enemies to deal damage (any main Jett in Valorant should get along with these).

Her Swift Step movement ability allows her to target an ally and teleport directly to them to start dishing out these heals, and no, you don’t need direct line of sight, you can teleport through walls.

Protection Suzu is her main healing ability, and it sounds extremely strong. Kiriko throws a bell to the ground, and any allies within the radius of it will provide a brief immortality and remove them from any debuffs.

Finally, her ultimate, called Kitsune Rush, sees her lovable fox companion forge a path in front of her that doles out a host of buffs to teammates who walk it.

These buffs apparently include movement seeds, reload speed, and cooldown reductions.

It’s an extremely powerful and varied kit, and at least on paper, Kiriko looks like one of the best Overwatch 2 heroes to use at launch if you’re a support player.

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