Overwatch 2: Kiriko would be the next heroine to join

According to leaks, the character to be launched would be a Support role and his abilities maintain similarities with the blue fox.

A few days ago it seemed that the appearance and abilities of Kiriko (previously listed as Kimiko) of Overwatch 2. Well, this was instantly denied, but then the new material that came to light on social networks was associated with the figure of the blue fox.

Through Reddit, a cinematic in progress of the next heroine to join the hero shooter roster was shared. Currently the video, which is hosted on the platform Dailymotion, it is impossible to access because it was placed in private. Even so, there are users who took the opportunity to take some screenshots.

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HEY! Kiriko for Overwatch 2 is about to make me a Support player.”

Kiriko’s revealed material pointed to the fact that we would again have a Support role hero in Overwatch 2. His story would be related to the fight with the Hashimoto clan of criminals, the closest thing to a group similar to the Japanese mafia of the Yakuzas in the universe. Moreover, a year ago a publication was shared on the official blog.

In addition, she is seen fighting with knives that would generate damage and healing at the same time, being able to also invoke doors that would strengthen allies as if it were her definitive. Having visual effects close to the color blue, she was once again related to the blue fox of the reveal trailer. In fact, a coded message from the latest beta pointed to the same figure.

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“Oh my gosh the text we were given this time when the beta ended was this… Kenezaka fox, here comes the next beta!”

At the moment everything would indicate that Kiriko would be the next heroine to launch in Overwatch 2. If everything goes correctly and even fits in with the novelty of the heroes in battle passes she would be the first to debut there.

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