Overwatch 2: Kiriko Gameplay and Season 1 Content

Activision Blizzard showed us everything that we will have in the first season of Overwatch 2. It also showed us Kiriko’s gameplay with a trailer.

Overwatch 2 finally coming to PC and consoles after long months of waiting. To warm up engines ActivisionBlizzard today presented all the news that we will see in the first season of this free to play game. In addition, the company also took a look at the gameplay of Kirikothe new playable character.

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During the celebration of Tokyo Game Show, Blizzard gave details of Season 1 of Overwatch 2, which will start on the same day as the launch of the game. As expected, Season 1 will feature a free Battle Pass that will allow you to unlock various types of content while completing various in-game objectives to level up. In this way you can unlock the new heroine Kiriko, two epic costumes, 2 souvenirs and a pendant for weapons, among other rewards.

Meanwhile, the premium battle pass will give Kiriko immediate access and an extra 20% experience bonus. As for the theme of the season, it will be cyberpunk and will add 6 new maps and the Push game mode.

It should be noted that Soujorn and Junker Queen will be unlocked immediately for all players. On the other hand, Kiriko will be free for all those who bought Overwatch 1.

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Finally, Blizzard showed Kiriko in action with a fabulous gameplay trailer. You can see the skills of this new support here:

What do you think about it? We remind you that Overwatch 2 will be released this October 4 on PC and consoles.

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