Opeth sends message to Chile and Boric: “Long live the President”

The group Opeth surprised by sending an affectionate greeting to Chile and the President Gabriel Boric for the recent National Holidays celebrations.

As shared by the Swedish ambassador in Chile, Thomas Wicklundthe band led by Mikael Åkerfeldt confirmed that in February 2023 it will two shows in the country in which they plan to invite the president.

“In February 2023 we will do two shows in Santiago and we are looking forward to it. Through this, we would like to offer you Gabriel Boric backstage passes and tickets for all our shows wherever we play in the world,” the Swedes indicated.

The authors of “Harvest” also had words for their Chilean fans: “Mr. President; Congratulations to you (late) and to the people of Chile on your National Day! We love playing in Chile! In fact, it is one of the best, if not the best, public in the world. We have been to Santiago many times and we always want to return.”

“Long live Chile, long live President Gabriel Boric”, closed the band in this statement expressed by the ambassador on their social networks.

For now, the dates of the Opeth shows in Chile have not been officially confirmed.


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