“No one hits another person if they are not provoked”: Paty Maldonado’s reaction after Gonzalo de la Carrera’s attack on Deputy Sepúlveda

The repercussions continue after what happened this Tuesday in the Chamber of Deputies, where Gonzalo de la Carrera dealt a blow to its vice president, Alexis Sepúlveda.

And those who were not left out of the controversy were Patricia Maldonado and Catalina Pulido, who were live with their program Las Indomables when they found out what was happening.

In this context, the former Mucho Gusto panelist shared a reflection on the episode starring the parliamentarian.

“No one hits another person if they are not provoked. In other words, I am not going to justify one thing or the other, nor am I going to throw myself against someone. If someone reacts by hitting someone with a combo, it’s because that person also verbally or physically attacked the other,” Maldo said.

And along the same lines, he maintained that under no circumstances can a person be imagined hitting a “combo on the street to another because he does not like him, much less among deputies.” Of course, he assured that in this case he could not “hands to the fire for anyone”.

The reflection of Cata Pulido

For her part, the actress also lent clothes to De la Carrera. In fact, she commented that since he became a deputy, they have caught him for the chuleteo very often. They have fought him often, they have hue… with his deceased daughter, not once, but several times.

Although he assured that he will not “defend Gonzalo, but if it happens to me, let’s be human, please. Let’s be empathic sometime in life and make the effort to put ourselves in the shoes of a person who has lost a loved one, a son, a daughter and who is fighting you all the time, fighting, let’s cut it “.

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