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A few days ago the renowned Ninja surprised all his viewers by “exploding” in the middle of a Fortnite game, turning off his live broadcast and announcing on social networks that he would be moving away from the internet since he needed a break. However, he recently admitted that it was all about marketing as he announced that from now on he will be doing multi-platform live shows and his exclusive contract with Twitch has expired.

Ninja will perform cross-platform direct after breaking exclusivity contract with Twitch

In the direct where Ninja “exploded” he mentioned the following:

I can’t do it anymore, I can’t. I’m sick of this. I’ve finished. Honestly, I have to take a break from streaming. I’m going to lose my f**king head bro

ninja, streamer

Great was the surprise of his fans who later realized that through Twitter, the streamer mentioned that he was going to take a break. However, it was several content creators who mentioned that “everything seemed quite weird and indicated to be a performance”.

It was recently through Twitter that he stated that it was all about marketing, and that after his exclusive split with Twitch he will perform cross-platform live shows.

As expected, after this decision Ninja again entered the eye of controversy. Let’s remember that popular content creators usually do go through a stage of stress that they often cannot control. So people on social networks are criticizing the streamer’s actions for using this “situation” in his favor and advertising himself in a “not very clean” way.

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