Nike presents new material that will reduce environmental impact

Combining sports science with digital tools and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, Nike is set to revolutionize the apparel industry with its new Nike Forward, its latest apparel innovation.

As it did years before with Dri-Fit technology, the sporting goods giant seeks to highlight the organization’s quest to preserve a clean and healthy environment, assuming the responsibility of carrying out a sustainable innovation strategy through different efforts in research, processes, materials and products.

Emphasizing its premise, “without the world there is no sport, without sport there is no Nike”, the sports firm has been advancing a series of initiatives, such as Move to Zero, with which it works to achieve the 2025 goals of zero carbon and zero waste, and through which their Nike Forward textile bet is originated, which has more than 5 years of research and development.

“With its Nike Forward platform, the production process generates 75% less carbon emissions on average than traditional knitwear, and is made from 70% recycled material by weight. Nike Forward material is not a traditional knit fabric. It is manufactured by connecting multiple ultra-thin layers using a needle-punching process. It is a process with fewer steps than that of knits or wool fabrics, which significantly reduces carbon emissions, ”says Forbes.

Using a modified needle-punching machine from the Nike team, and using a circular process, each ultra-thin layer, in a composite of 5 thin layers, can be adjusted to give the materials different levels of performance and fit, contributing as well as energy reduction.

From the beginning to the end of the process, the designs of this new collection invite you to do more with less energy. The garments in this collection set out a new vision for the circular future, featuring raw-edge pockets and exposed seams that create less waste.

Likewise, what is initially sold as a sweatshirt could be adapted tomorrow as a new garment or accessory.

Nike also invites users to be part of this process, indicating through the label what must be done to take care of the environment hand in hand with Nike Forward.

“Nike Forward is the latest advancement in 50 years of innovation driven by constant evolution, joining the ranks of Nike Air, Flyknit, Flyleather, Space Hippie and Next Nature, and is a new step for sustainable solutions designed through art. , science and design. With this objective, it expresses the search for a holistic future: a spirit that honors the raw aesthetics of recycled materials, the restriction of additive elements and ways of caring for the environment”, highlights Forbes.

Available on the Nike App and starting September 16.


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