Nicholas Tagliani | The former white man who was in the Boca bar for the Argentine Superclásico: “The police beat us to death”

Yesterday, Boca Juniors was left with a new edition of the Argentine Superclásico. Hugo Ibarra’s team beat River Plate by the minimum score and one who was in La Bombonera was Nicolás Tagliani (47). The former trans-Andean striker, who lifted the 2002 Clausura together with Colo Colois a fan of ‘Xeneize’ and gave his support from the heart of ‘La 12’, the brava brava of the blue and gold squad.

“It was something inexplicable and more winning. The classic was at five in the afternoon, but for us it started at eight in the morning. We have a band in Caseros, which is terrible, and we have been preparing for a long time. At 10 we arrived at La Boca and there we were camouflaged and waiting for him to win. It was a party and everyone knows it”, says Tagliani in dialogue with AS. And he adds: “Everyone was all like ‘uh, River, River, River…’. Well, yesterday River’s lie ended.

– What did you do before the game?

– We talked about how we were going to be on the tray and what things had to be done and what not. And well, as long as it’s a party for the people. Today, I think that people go to the field and 10 percent watch the game and the rest watch the bar. It is like the White Claw, of Colo Colo, or the Southern Command, of Alianza Lima. There is no bar that can hold it like us.

– What things are prohibited in the ‘bar area’?

– In Argentina they prohibited many things. Yesterday, in fact, there was a terrible repression by the police. They beat us to death. People were warned that they had to arrive very early, but as much as we went early and the whole atmosphere was quiet, the police put it to the test. They filled me with pepper spray. It is a high-security game, extreme, but what the police do not understand is that on the Boca field we are all friends and nothing happens. There were people with children and the police did not care at all. They are a disaster.

– Was there a party after the game?

– To give you an idea, we stayed an hour singing. I am speaking to you as a former soccer player and I always admired the bars of the teams where I was. The only one I didn’t get along with was Cobreloa, because they didn’t understand my problems with the club. But with the White Claw, with the Southern Command, I always got along first. What’s more, they invited me to Alianza Lima-Colo Colo, to River-Alianza and I also went to River-Colo Colo. I am a sick…

– What do you mean?

– My parents don’t understand anything, but the one who is a fan does. Today I have two daughters and the 13-year-old is a bar like me and she goes everywhere. Yesterday I gave them a shirt that said ‘Player No. 12’ and their respective names on the back. They did not understand anything, they were happy. Yesterday I couldn’t take the youngest to the stadium, because things were getting rough, but like all classics it was experienced in a special way and the most beautiful thing was that she stayed in La Boca.

– What do you think of Paulo Díaz and Pablo Solari? To this last one, I imagine, that he loved him before and now he must ‘hate’ him (laughs)

– No, I bank the player to death and Solari is a crack. River has a vision that he knows what he buys. Solari in Boca would be worth three million dollars, but today in River it is worth 50. There they have that mentality that the player is valued, they put him up, and Boca does not have that. The leadership of (Jorge Amor) Ameal and Román (Riquelme) is not doing things right.

“Bank to Solari, but yesterday he did not touch one. The poor thing was kicked to death, as he had to be.”


– In what other situation do you notice it?

– Note that (Agustín) Rossi is a player who saves Boca, who has made him champion of two tournaments on penalties, which is a figure, and they do not renew his contract. The boy will be free. Incredible… That’s when you realize that they are different. But no, those players that you named me (Díaz and Solari), I bench them, because they are cracks, but note that yesterday they did not touch one. The coach (Hugo Ibarra) was very much alive, he annulled River’s game and poor Solari was kicked to death, as it should have been.

– Going back to his ‘bar’ side. Have you had to experience tense moments with River fans?

– No. I’ve been with ‘La 12’ since I was little. Then I left obviously, for football, and I came back a year ago. I know the leaders and it is something special, but that is no more. The bars no longer fight like before. Here, politically, everyone is friends, because now they are going to the World Cup. They made a committee of bars, but the only one that is not linked to that disaster is Boca. Boca is Boca and no one else. That’s why there’s a song that says ‘we never made friends, we’re never going to make them’. If he goes to the World Cup, Boca goes for his own. It’s not about politics.

Colo Colo and his business facet

– Regarding your past in Colo Colo, do you follow the present of the club?

– Yes. When they show the games on TV, I follow them. Of course… Besides, I have friends in Colo Colo and at the bar. The only teams from South America that I follow are Colo Colo and Alianza Lima. I don’t even look at Barcelona or those things.

– What do you currently do?

– I’m a businessman. I’m about to close a relationship with a club in the United States to bring players and that’s very calm. I don’t screw anyone and I don’t like to be screwed.

Tagliani, the first from left to right, in Colo Colo.  Alonso Zúñiga, Marcelo Bartticiotto and Miguel Riffo complete the photo.


Tagliani, the first from left to right, in Colo Colo. Alonso Zúñiga, Marcelo Bartticiotto and Miguel Riffo complete the photo.

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