Nicholas Castillo | “They had to slap him; he almost died twice”

In 2020, Nicolás Castillo experienced the most difficult period of his life. Beyond not having football continuity, what was really catastrophic for the Chilean attacker was the deterioration of his health during a period of that year. Not only did he suffer a ruptured rectus femoris tendon in his right thigh, but later he had to deal with a thrombosis that almost took his life.

This Monday, the Mexican journalist, John Sutcliffe, revealed the difficulties that the former Catholic University went through at that time: “I have a great relationship with Castillo, he loves golf. What happened to him is incredible, because he almost died twice. When he is injured and enters the hospital, his femoral bone breaks and they save him.”

Then, the reporter delved into that dramatic episode: “Then, after a month, he is at home and begins to bleed… They put him in the truck and they are slapping him so he wouldn’t fall asleep.. Then he begins to see where they are going to operate and goes to Atlanta to the Hawks’ doctor, and says ‘I’ll put an artificial one in you and you’ll come back’. No one believed it and they put it on.”

Finally, he did not hide his emotion: “When he came back to preseason with Solari and played, I shed a tear. It’s a story to watch.”

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