NetEase buys Quantic Dream, developer of Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream, the developer of Detroit: Become Human, has been bought by Chinese game publisher NetEase. as it was announced during the day on Wednesday.

Through a publication on the Quantic Dream page they pointed out that “to continue with our development and presence in the world, but also to finance other studies and become an international publisher, further investment is needed to further develop our technology and infrastructure, to deliver ever more impressive next-gen games, expand our team, and develop multiple projects simultaneously.”

As they explain, “We will maintain our independence in terms of our editorial line, the artistic direction of our projects and the management of the studio”, adding that their teams “are totally involved in this operation and benefit directly economically”, they will remain and continue to grow and strengthen.

It should be remembered that the developer was currently working on Star Wars: Eclipse, a new game based on the popular Disney franchise, and it is unknown if this purchase will affect the development in any way.

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