NASA solves the mystery of the probe that sent “impossible” data from space in May

It happened in May. the space probe Voyager 1 NASA, which has been wandering in space since 1977, mysteriously started sending data “impossible” or “invalid” telemetry data to Earth. Confusion immediately took hold of the Agency’s engineers, since although the data projected a possible change in the device’s course, the reality indicated that all its devices seemed to be working correctly.

Several months after that anomaly, the US Space Administration has finally found the source of the problem: the spacecraft’s Attitude Articulation and Control System (AACS), responsible for ensuring that the probe is always correctly oriented with respect to Earth, had started sending the data through a computer crashed years agowhich was corrupting the information.

“We are happy to have the telemetry back. Now we’ll do a full memory read of the AACS and see everything it’s been doing. That will help us try to diagnose the issue that caused the telemetry failure in the first place. So we are cautiously optimistic, but we still have more research to do,” he said. Suzanne Doddproject manager for the Voyager program.

NASA, therefore, will now be in charge of find out why the failure occurred. His main hypothesis is that the system received a faulty command through the correct computer, which could be an indication of some other kind of problem with the ship. In any case, they add, they do not believe that it poses a long-term threat to the useful life of the probe.

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