NASA Announces New Launch Dates – NBC Los Angeles

NASA announced Thursday the dates of the next launch attempts of the historic Artemis I mission, after fuel leaks led to the postponement of the first and second efforts.

The new dates will be Friday, September 23 (with the two-hour window beginning at 6:47 am) and Tuesday, September 27 (at 11:37 am).

At a news conference, NASA administrators said they are still checking on the hydrogen fuel line that started leaking on Saturday and managers believe they can fix it.

The teams will do a full tank test on September 17.

With the Artemis program, NASA plans to take four astronauts on a flight around the Moon in 2024 and then have two astronauts (the first woman and the first person of color) step on the satellite in 2025.

The ultimate purpose of the mission is to establish a base on the lunar surface and attempt to reach Mars.

The test flight of the 322-foot Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, considered the most powerful ever built by NASA, and the Orion capsule will not have any astronauts on board. Instead, three test dummies will go.


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