“Mójense el jar…”: Dayana Amigo sparked a heated debate with a question about Baltazar’s Law

A tense love triangle has been experienced in Balthazar’s Law (Mega), after the arrival of Carmencita, a role played by Dayana Amigo, in Cochamó.

A few chapters after her arrival, she began an affair with Manolo (Andrés Velasco), despite the fact that he was hooked on Sofia (Ignacia Baeza), who in turn was paired with Mariano (Gabriel Cañas). However, that union was broken and everything was turned upside down.

Faced with this, Sofía has already declared her intentions to risk it for Manolo, who had attracted her for a long time: “I would fight with ‘Carmencita’ for you,” she confessed to Baltazar’s foreman. “Manolo, I really like you.”

Meanwhile, Carmencita, Rosa’s (Maribel Farías) niece, has already caught her, and she is even willing to resort to witchcraft so as not to lose Manolo.

The question

Before that scenario, the actress shared a photo in selfie mode with her melodrama partner, Ignacia Baeza.

In real life, both appear together and smiling. However, the interpreter took everything to the plane of the dispute in fiction: “Here”, she launched, “two women, one path!”.

“Now, wet the jar,” she appealed to her followers. “Who do you want ‘Manolo’ to stay with?” And she added: “I’m not mad … throw it away!”

Of course, when asked, his publication was filled with responses, among them was that of Andrés Velasco, who replied: “With the rose!”

That yes, most of the answers opted for the role of Ignacia: “With Sofia, but you have to tell Carmencita ‘friend, realize it, get out of there”, “With Sofia, obviously” and “I love you, but I want let him stay with Sofia”.

Instead, there were only a couple of assumptions in favor of the role of Dayana.

Yes, there were some more empathetic netizens who put the cold cloths, launching responses such as: “May the best win!” and “With Carmencita because she fell in love with the girl!”.

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