Microsoft denies that the development of Perferct Dark is in trouble

From Microsoft they have denied problems in the development of Perfect Darkgame that was announced in 2020 and of which there has been no further news.

In 2021, Xbox studio The Initiative began losing a number of key employees, which was followed by the announcement that Crystal Dynamics would co-develop the game, with multiple sources pointing to a “major disagreement” internally. .

Given this, the head of Xbox Game Sutidos, in the framework of a talk at PAX West 2022, decided to deny the information and pointed out that “how we make video games is evolving. The idea of a single team under one roof is not so common anymore”.

He added, “Our Perfect Dark team in Santa Monica… We had just done this big deal with Cystal Dynamics. And I read things online like, ‘Oh, this must mean there’s a problem or something.’ Rather the opposite.” he points out, emphasizing that with this you have “this veteran team at Crystal Dynamics, this large triple-A team, of more than 100 people, which becomes available.”

On occasion, he also touched on the character’s portrayal, considering how society has changed since the last installment, noting that “these things don’t always age well, and I think what’s super cool about Perfect Dark (is the super agent fantasy). Kind of like The Bourne Affair, James Bond, that kind of thing. That’s a cool meme that people want to lean into, but then again, tWe have to make sure it is presented in the right way.”

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