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Behind the doors of the Samsung Electronics headquarters lives a collaborator from a planet far, far away and different from ours. Through various mysterious events, this fantastical creature became a super secret engineer at Samsung and has helped develop innovative technologies that inspire creativity and empower users. Known as G∙NUSMAS, this alien is Samsung’s latest virtual avatar to be unveiled very soon.

G∙NUSMAS is a small blue alien, with large, glowing eyes; And it’s Samsung’s latest virtual creation! The creation of G∙NUSMAS arose from a joke that people make every time Samsung launches a new product, saying that the company must have hired an alien to design and develop its innovative technologies.

The creation of G-NUSMAS responds to the brand’s need to connect with younger generations, especially Millennials and Generation Z (MZ). “We borrowed the idea from a meme circulating on the Internet, which showed us the caring interest that customers express for Samsung. This is how G-NUSMAS was born, a nice and friendly avatar”, says YH Lee, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Global Marketing at Samsung Electronics.

“Our adorable and wonderful alien will allow us to show the public the different angles of Samsung, so we hope that our consumers can feel more familiar with our brand,” says the executive.

The name “G∙NUSMAS” is Samsung spelled backwards. His home planet is Nowus-129, located 100 million light-years from Earth and refers to the address of the company’s headquarters, 129 Suwon in South Korea, spelled backwards.

Samsung plans to release a series of short videos detailing the story behind G∙NUSMAS, beginning with his birth and accidental arrival on Earth. We invite you to follow along and see the journey of G ∙ NUSMAS as he works, plays and has a variety of experiences at Samsung headquarters. G ∙ NUSMAS’ cheerful personality will shine through the videos as she sings, dances and interacts with a wide variety of Samsung devices, jumping on a monitor and dancing on a smartphone screen.

G∙NUSMAS will debut at the next edition of IFA 2022 and its story will be revealed on Samsung’s social networks, such as YouTube and Facebook and, through, from September 2. Consumers will also be able to communicate with G∙NUSMAS through social media, the metaverse, and other digital channels.


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