Mauricio Pinilla’s warning to Sebastián Miranda, one of the candidates to take the U bench: “I were him, I don’t even go near the first team dressing room”

Upon Diego López’s arrival at the University of Chile, Mauricio Pinilla showered him with praise. The former striker, who retired in Coquimbo Unido, took advantage of his commentary gallery to highlight the qualities of the Uruguayan coach.

Unlike Roggiero (Luis), who did not know where he was standing, Diego López knows perfectly well. If he comes to fruition, he knows where he is going to go and he knows what he has to work on. He knows the ripos of the equipment and has a complete analysis. He will have access to choose the reinforcements, ”said the former player. “It has a Uruguayan and Italian school, with a lot of tactical work”, he added.

Today, with a scenario totally opposite to what Pinilla claimed, Diego López negotiates his departure from the club. A victory in nine games played, with just a 22% performance, put an end to the cycle of the former defender who played in Italian football.

Faced with the new movements that today plague the University of Chile, Pinilla once again analyzed the future of the University of Chile. From the outset, he sent a powerful message to Sebastián Miranda, one of the candidates to take over the bank left by López.

“If I were him, I don’t even go near the first team dressing room (…) Taking on the challenge is when you have 15 or 16 dates left to play, this is throwing yourself at the stake”began by saying the former attacker.

Pinilla continued with his analysis. He assures that Ronald Fuentes and Pablo Vitamina Sánchez are the best cards to take on a team that is struggling to start from relegation. “One thing is for him to burn his career and another is for Vitamina Sánchez or Ronald Fuentes to catch him, who already have a track record and perhaps can do something else based on experience (…) I think that Ronald Fuentes could be, beyond the problems I had when I left the U, he is a coach who is mentally capable at this time to get the U out of a complex moment. He is going to have a hard time, but he is the coach with the experience, he knows the inside of the club and knows perfectly what happens inside. He has made many mistakes, like everyone else, but he would give Ronald Fuentes the opportunity, ”he said on Radio Agriculture.

It should be remembered that University of Chile suspended evening practice this Thursday after the negotiations held by Azul Azul to seal the departure of Diego López.

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